Freebies with a twist!

I enjoy working online and have several websites. Many include a variety of freebies and resources to thank my visitors for stopping by. This time I decided to do something different. Just for fun!

This site is composed solely of a (large) number of those freebies and resources. Period.

There's nothing to buy; it's just for fun, and just for my friends and whoever else might happen to stumble in (welcome!)...

First, let's get some legal stuff out of the way real quick.
picture of cross on roof

This website is the sole responsibility of myself, Gary Phillips, and is provided merely as a Thank You for dropping by.  There is no obligation of any kind. Items found here are typically provided by third parties so I'm not guaranteeing anything on this site: i.e., use at your own discretion.

That being said, please enjoy and be blessed!


Okay, well there's also an underlying motive for my efforts...
You've noticed the obvious Christian theme: I love Jesus - He is my Lord and my Savior! My prayer is that you'll bookmark and return often to not only dig in and enjoy the abundance of freebies and other helpful resources, but that you'll also take advantage of some of the Christian-based materials as well. You'll discover an abundant supply of "food" for you mind, body and spirit.

Freebies are temporary - your solid Christian walk is eternal!

I'm dead serious about this - Jesus is coming soon and you need to be ready! In other words, do you want your life to be as a fleeting "vapor" or would you prefer an
eternal one; one with true meaning and purpose? ...Well if you
really meant that, then I implore you to dig in today! Start with
the Bible Study Guides found on the Freebies page.
Then, keep coming back for more "soul food"...

Walk with me! (Here are some videos about our Christian walk...)

Take care and God bless,


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